Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everly Resort Hotel Malacca

View from balcony of the hotel that there is not facing the seaview. You can see alot of tradional Malay house.

This row facing sea view.

The grand entrance of the resort .

Tennis court.

View from the top.

Nice garden beside the pool.

They have a big swimming pool here at the centre of the hotel.

This is the convention hall.

Side entance leading to the seafront.

Side entance parking.

They have two tennis court here.

You can park your car here . There is a side entance to the hotel.

Grand entrance of Everly Hotel Malacca

The walkaway leading to the main entrance of the hotel.

Guest of the newly opened Everly Resort Hotel Malacca can look forward to the beautifully refurbished rooms that exudes a relaxed but luxurious ambience that is well suited for a sea-front resort by the historic Malaccan straits. More info at

Choose which floor you want to stay?


Gledwood said...

Great stuff!!

I would LOVE to go to Malaysia one day!

Malaysian food is the BEST takeaway/restaurant food I've ever had. Especially as it often tends to be HALAL and so lacking in nasty old PRAWNS and grunting diarrhoea-flavoured PORK... ugh!

Your blog is excellent!

I will give you a shout on mine tonight!!


"Vol 2"...


Flipper said...

Hi Steven,

Lots of lovely photos about Melaka, I have stayed at Everly Hotel a few times and even before the name changed from Riveria..

keep it up!


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