Friday, December 28, 2007

Bad news for all my readers

I won't be able to upload pictures at the moment since my laptop and camera is stolen today as I walked into a bank to do my banking for about 2 minutes and then I walked into my car and realised that my laptop and camera which I placed inside at the bonnet of my car was gone! The thief just took 2 minutes to steal. Therefore the lesson here is please don't leave your valuable especially your laptop out of your sight for even 1 second. I carried the laptop the whole day except that 2 minutes.

I have many nice pictures and video especially Christmas theme inside my camera and laptop which I liked to share but now is all gone in the smoke. It will take me sometime before I buy another camera. Cheers.

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Flipper said...

Hi Steven,

Don't worry I am sure everything will be back to normal and this will spur you to greater heights.

Happy New Year!!!


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