Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ikano Power Centre During Chinese New Year

Ikano Power Centre is going golden this year to make a difference while most of the malls deck their centre courts in reds to usher in the Lunar New Year. Fairy lights and golden lanterns made of cloth in gigantic octagon and mini olive shapes decorate the mall. Enjoy shopping for delightful Chinese New Year goodies ranging from delicacies and decorations to festive clothes and handicrafts while you bask in a truly festive ambience at the Oriental Market.

The mall has adopted the Golden Oriental Bazaar concept that brings the joys of Chinatown shopping. The bazaar with eight booths offers a nice balance of fashion and accessories. There is also a special non-halal food section where shoppers can get food like waxed-duck, Chinese sausages, dried barbecued meat and more. To keep the youngers shoppers busy, there are six arts and crafts booths where children with their parents can spend hours in painting, T-shirts, doing caligraphy, fridge magnet painting and more. The traditional Chinatown shopping experience provides a nice balance to the moden mall. Beside red, gold is also a prosperous colour for the Chinese.
Ikano Power Centre
Mutiara Damansara
Opening Hours 10.00a.m-10.00p.m
Tel: 7720 7333

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