Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Avilion Admiral Cove In Port Dickson- Part 5

Yachts berthing space.

Walkway at the club
One of the favourite spot near the club house which is the tables outside here where you can enjoy your food or drink here while enjoy the wind from the sea. In open spaces where the wind whispers and sighs while refreshing cuisine awaits you.......

Some of the yachts docking here.
The infinity pool.
Nice building of the club house.
Beautiful pool where you can swim and enjoy the wind from the sea.
Apartment facing the sea is one of the favourite due to the unobstructing view of the sea. Do you wish to leave for an exotic holiday? I recommend you visit Avilion Admiral Cove and book this apartment (facing the seaside and not the one facing the clubhouse- this is my tip).

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