Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hari Raya

This huge 40 feet mansion with a stage for performances is the centrepiece of 1 Utama's Middle Eastern-themed Hari Raya decorations.Imagine listening to live Arabic music being performed on the veranda of an Arabic mansion amist palm tree and sand on the ground in the middle of a shopping mall.
Beautiful Middle Eastern themed balcony at the upper floor. The veranda of the mansion was designed to stage performances like belly dancing, tradional Middle Eastern folk dances and live bands, playing authentic Arabic Hari Raya melodies.
This Hari Raya, visitors at the 1 Utama shopping centre in 1 Utama in PJ will be able to journey through ancient Arabia as they browse festive goods at tents decorated in blue and green organza.
There are carpets for sale at the side balconies of the stucture. There are also carpets at the front of the veranda where visitors can sit and enjoy the performances. The centrepiece of the Oasis Adilfitri theme is a mansion that was crafted with meticuluos motifs that exude Arabic, Moroccan and Turkish influences.
Real palm trees, sand and pebbles added authencity to the desert setup. Real palms and sands add to the ambience as shoppers enjoy the products on display.

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